Our service prices are based on the following valuations: (not including VAT)

1. 1 cm² fully engraved metal surface – 1,00 Eur)
2. 1 cm² fully engraved glass surface – 1,00 Eur)
3. 1 cm² fully engraved wood surface - 0,70 Eur)
4. Modelling – preparatory work – 26,00 Eur per hour
5. //// scale marking – 26,00 Eur per hour
6. Letter and symbol inscribing on keyboard keys - 26,00 Eur per hour or according to Table 1
7. Laser welding of small parts - 26,00 Eur per hour
8. Inscription on a single souvenir article – 6,00-10,00 Eur

Exact prices and discounts depending on the number of articles to be engraved are calculated using a special programme.
Orders are carried out in three working days.
When the workload is high, labour valuation can rise 40%, when the order has to be carried out in one working day and 20% - in two working days.
In case of packing, 5 ct per article fee can be taken for one layer of packaging.
Prices do not include VAT.

Approximate service price can be learnt by e-mail: send in file *. in cdr format with the text or logo to be engraved. Dimensions of the engraving, the number of articles to be engraved, their type and the term in which order has to be carried out.

Samples to be confirmed are made free of charge.

Table 1

  One ordinary
Up to 50
Up to 150
Mini or double
Lithuanian characters on numbers  2,461,881,744,34
Russian characters +  symbols on  numbers  4,633,773,4810,14
Russian and Lithuanian characters