1. Articles to be engraved should be taken to A.Goštauto Street 12-024, Vilnius, on working days from 8 to 20. Articles have to be in firm packing, a single packing should contain articles for a single order (one sort of articles for one inscription).
2. Information to be provided:
• Customer’s name
• Contact telephone and/or e-mail address
• Name and number of articles
3. Reference number of order is given in the order form or sent to the customer by e-mail. Sending e-mails regarding the order, write the reference number in the “Subject” window. The reference number of order written in ABOUT YOUR ORDER will help you learn about the stage of fulfillment of your order.


Your articles are with us, we have information provided in No.2.


Your articles are with us, we have information provided in No.2, we have enough information to start production, i.e. we have a model in the format of “Corel Draw” program where print of the text is substituted by curves, or a blueprint (a model), a production sample to be confirmed, if it was to be made.


Your articles are with us, a confirmed detailed blueprint is ready, holders are made (if necessary), commanding files are ready, permission for production is given if a sample was engraved.


Your order is ready for you.


Extra – order made at once
Urgent – made in one or two working days
Ordinary – made in three working days