Laser engraved aluminum is usually white, frosted or grayish. It is possible to make the engraving darker. Resolution is enough for photos.

Anodized aluminum

Laser engravings on anodized dark or painted aluminum result in highly contrastive inscriptions and pictures of high resolution.

Stainless steel

Engraved stainless steel is dark brown or black with good contrast and many half-tints.


Coated brass

Laser engraved coated brass is shining yellow or matt dark brown.
Contrast and resolution are usually very good and depend on the quality of coating. With time brass gets darker and consequently the contrast of the engraving gets worse.


Non-coated brass

Laser engraved brass is dark brown, the contrast is good, resolution is average. With time brass darkens the contrast of the engraving becomes worse, that is why signboards that are placed outside should have good quality varnish


Laser engravings are made on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titan signboards. Purposeful ground (graced (?) signboards are easy to read. Gold coated laser engraved signboards are especially good looking. A coat of varnish is put on brass before engraving.


Limb (radius)

All kinds of limb, rulers, toughness on steel, wood, plastic of any solidity.

For jewellers

For jewellers and fine embellishment lovers we can offer deep and superficial engraving in 2000 DPI resolution, fine pattern cutting on foil , engravings on the inside of a ring.